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Helping people overcome the complex issues that led to their homelessness can be overwhelming for everyone involved, because it is a long term process that requires a great level of commitment.

Collaboration and effective communication between service providers and clients can be a matter of life and death , especially for those who suffer from mental health disorders.

We are a nation of problem solvers, and I know that we are bigger than the challenge that lies before us. I intend to help you understand the issue from my perspective. I am formerly homeless, due to mental health issues, and there are some things you really need to know about our current strategies for ending homelessness in America.

The information shared here is based on my personal experiences with homelessness and mental illness, and my intentions to help create solutions that weren’t available when I was in need of help myself. ~Connie~


How You Can Help

The issue of helping people who are homeless is complicated, and requires a long term investment in the lives of people who are facing overwhelming challenges. You will soon find that your heart strings will be pulled on in ways you never imagined. When you work with those who are homeless, you will discover people who are intelligent, gentle, generous and kind-hearted. You may be surprised to learn that many who are homeless also have a great sense of humor! You may think that the church, and/or the government are taking care of the problem, so there’s no real need for you to take action, but nothing could be further from the truth. Those who are working with the homeless population work very hard, and often with very few resources. There are many people doing some really great work, but there’s obviously more to be done. 

  • One of the ways you can help is to acquaint yourself with your local shelters and help collect the items on their needs list.
  • My Pinboard lists several agencies and individuals who are taking action to help those in need.  Please take the time to learn about their efforts and consider sending a donation their way. 
  • When you shop from my Amazon stores, you are also helping to support the development of my vision for a National Training Center.

If you send a donation to one of the agencies on my Pinboard, please add a note and tell them Connie sent you!!

Look Who Is Helping The Homeless In America

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 Most of us agree on WHY we should help those who are homeless.

We need to talk more about HOW to help those who are homeless.



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These are mercy measures, but we must continue to address the core issues that lead to homelessness.


Sharon Bollum and her team are leading the way in identifying some of the core issues that are plaguing the effectiveness of the church today. They are filming the documentary in 2014, and the book will be published when they have finished analyzing their data.



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